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My name is Jane Hill.  I live in Western Australia, just north of Perth with my partner and our young son.  

I guess I am a bit of a computer nerd! I love working with my computer and I love creating. It was only natural that eventually the two passions would collide.

It was after I organised my son’s 5th birthday that I realised there might be a market for the kind of thing I love and so Just Jane Designs was born - who’d have thought that a little red dragon would be the start of something so wonderful?

That little guy to the right is the reason this all came to be!

Since then I’ve continued to evolve the business by integrating my previous business (I have been a virtual assistant since 2001) with my real love of design and crafting and I’ve also been able to introduce a gorgeous handmade range too.

I still offer some desktop publishing services to small businesses and in  2011 I also launched a range of soy candles and melts which you can learn more about here.